I am an independent, free thinking ceramicist based in the beautiful yet small town of Chelvey, Bristol. 

For me, making to a high standard while creating work that is as much about its function as its shape is what underpins my work, each piece goes through a rigorous process before it leaves the studio, to be used by you. As well as making a collection of favourites I am happy to undertake commissions on a UK wide basis.

I have a real love for making functional pottery on the wheel, my style is minimalist: clean lines, neutral or white glazes and occasionally some colour. Working in this way means my pots should nestle in their environment peacefully.

As well as creating products of my own I feel it gratifying to pass on these skills as a fully qualified secondary school teacher, teaching pottery in my studio or providing a space for those who simply want to follow their own creative pathway.

Best wishes,

Carmel  x